Comments allow the programmer to add metadata to code in the form of natural language. They allow a programmer to add descriptions otherwise impossible to add with standard code for themselves or others. It is advised to use comments in order to keep code maintainable, avoiding any duplicate descriptions between the code and the comments.

Multi-line comments do not exist, primarily because most modern code editing tools have shortcuts to achieve the same thing with single line comments.

1.1. Syntax

Comment ::=  "#" .* \n

1.2. Examples

# Find the distance using pythag
dist = (x**2 + y**2)**0.5

const phi = 1.618 # golden ratio

# Perform dijkstra's algorithm on a graph, from a source
# Uses a fibonacci heap, thereby running in O(E + V log V)
def dijkstra(graph, source)
  # TODO: Implement