1. Installing

Currently Jam is only provided as a python module. In order to install the Jam compiler tool, clone or download the source repository from Github. Once downloaded, run make install to symlink all tools into your /usr/bin directory.

Jam assumes you have the following dependencies installed:

Python 3.4 (or later)
llvm-3.6 shared library (built without assertions)

See the following sections for installing those dependencies for a specific OS/Dist.


Once the compiler is bootstrapped, a proper install procedure will be written. Until then this works well enough.

1.1. Ubuntu >= 14.04 (Trusty Tahr)

apt-get install python3 libllvm3.6 llvm-runtime clang-3.6

1.2. Ubuntu < 14.04

See apt.llvm.org for instructions on how to set up your system to fetch the llvm 3.6 packages.

apt-get install python3 libllvm3.6 llvm-runtime clang-3.6

1.3. Darwin (OSX Journaled)

If you haven’t already, install brew.

brew install python3

The llvm-3.6 library on brew is built with assertions, which break the Jam code generator. As a workaround you will have to install llvm-3.6 from source, or make due with possible bugs.

You can download the source for llvm 3.6 from http://llvm.org/releases/download.html and build with:

./configure --enable-shared --disable-assertions
make install